People are laughing at Albertans while they start to struggle with the plunge of oil prices. The hippies think that wind power or solar power are the way to go (despite the proof that they are far worse for the environment in the long run) and don’t give out the projected power that is promised (ask Ontario), it is crazy to see the smiles on peoples faces when they hear how bad it is for some, and how they are happy to see people struggle.

If you are one of those people who are laughing at this misfortune of others, and are happy to see our oil sands come to a significant slow down and projects canceled or shelved then please let me point out that this isn’t just affecting those “rich” oilfield workers. This will be felt across Canada, so put your smile away. People are losing their homes, their families, their livelihoods and this is no reason to smile or gloat.

With suicide rates climbing, the loony plunging and grocery prices going up, its enough to stress out the calmest of person, but add that on to broken families for some, those who couldn’t handle the long distance, and little time they get, it is all the cost of working in this industry. Its no wonder many suffer physiologically and emotionally.

With that said, please note that oilfield workers and families that can make it are strong. Us wives have lived with our husbands away from home for long stretches, we have been through dry spells (although much smaller then what is coming), but if we can make it through those then we can make it through this. And us oilfield families don’t hold it against the ignorant people who are laughing behind our backs, and excited to see our homes or vehicles repo’d because they think we don’t deserve them. Oilfield workers work long hours, miss time with their families to provide for them, work dangerous jobs. They drive dangerous highways to get there, Β work in extreme temperatures, and all the while missing their loved ones. They are often educated, and go to school to get the proper training, and do dirty jobs that many would turn their noses up to, they are strong and work hard for what they have.

Instead of focusing on the negative we will hold tight, we will support one another, we will get other jobs (even if its a lower paying job like Tim Hortons) and most importantly we will have each others backs, because in the end we are all in this battle together.

So while you enjoy your temporary chuckle at our expense, we will enjoy the family and friends we have in and out of the industry. We don’t need your sympathy, and some are too miserable to be able to muster any up. We have each other and that is what counts.

In the mean time, I will pray for Oilfield workers across the world.