Building Characters is a lot of work. You are essentiality creating a small portfolio for a human that you made up and that you have to make believable. It takes a lot of time, thought and planning.

I decided to share the very start of how I build characters, there is a lot more to it then this, but this is a good start and will give you the bare bones of a new character. (Just click on the link)


Once you have this complete, then you need to think about who they are inside and out, as if they are your best friend, you need to know their life story to make them real for you and your reader. I find that as I fill out this Character building sheet I start to get an idea of who they are, but once I’m done with it I then put myself into the story that they will be in and have an imaginary conversation with them (I know, it sounds CRAZY but it works).

Hopefully this Character Building sheet helps anyone who is stuck.