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Feeling empowered but yet trapped by the want of his body, she slid her hand down his back. His skin felt smooth and soft but underneath hid his hard muscular frame, one of power and strength. Alic arched his hips slightly, pressing his throbbing arousal between her legs, she felt his heat, and his eagerness for entrance. His lips, warm on her neck as he tasted her sweetness while trailing kisses towards her ear, she squirmed and push him away, but wanted him closer. His tongue flicked at her earlobe and she moaned softly, encouraging him.
Mary’s hands wandered to his arousal and wrapped her delicate fingers around it. He sucked in a breath, she knew he was trying to remain in control, fighting back the urge to take her. Her breasts firm and soft, he ran his tongue over their peak and suckled them one by one. Mary, feeling powerless grabbed the bed sheet and moaned as he devoured her.
Feeling him slow down, Mary grabbed his hair and pulled him up to face her. Staring into his dark eyes briefly she could see his burning desire. Her fingers tangled in his thick hair, she pulled him to her and tasted his soft sweet lips with her tongue, he tasted sweeter then she imagined, I will explore more of that later she decided. He let out a deep groan as he nibbled her bottom lip, she needed him, to feel him and have him completely. Catching Mary by surprise he plunged his tongue in-between her lips,  kissing her deeply. She felt the passion and heat. In a haze Mary was consumed by his scent and taste, the feel of his body on top of her, the passion between them. Instinctively she lifted her hips towards him. He responded eagerly with his hands, feeling her wet heat, he gently massaged the bud between her legs. Mary gasped, breaking their kiss. Looking for more, needing to feel consumed, and to be complete by him, she reached down and wrapped her fingers around his sheath.
Alic threw back his head and let out a deep loud groan, she knew the feel of her hand around his cock was more then he could take. Thrusting along with her gentle strokes, he passionately tasted her lips again, kissing her deeply and fully, Mary savoured his touch, she wants this moment to last.
 Alic grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head. He began trailing kisses down her body, her heart swelled with each one. She squirmed and cried out with anticipation and nervousness, having lost all control was both exhilarating and frustrating. As he reached her core, he teased her, kissing everywhere but her burning desire.”Alic” she panted, her voice just a whisper as it defied her in the moment of passion. She thrust at him, he dodged and kissed her inner thigh, as he released her hands. His breath was warm against her crevice, she reached down to his head and tried to direct him to her centre, but he enjoyed teasing her, she knew she was at his mercy.
Frustrated she sighed and gave up fighting, this was exactly what Alic wanted. Just as she lowered her hips with a sigh he lapped at her velvet slit, burying his face and fingers. She cried out loudly as she bucked her hips. His warm, tongue lapping against her bud brought her close to explosion, but just before she reached sweet release he stopped and looked up at her.
She felt wild, her hair was a tangled mess, her face flush with colour and her lips were plum and tingly. She knew he could see her frustration, and she saw the madness in his eyes, his hunger for her no longer able to be subsided so easily. His cock at the ready, Mary prayed silently that Alic was finally  going to give her his desire. Unable to resist him and his noticeable eagerness between his thighs, she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him in closer. Trapped in her embrace he drove his cock deep into her, making her cry out as she met his thrust with her own, trying for the release she so desperately needed.
He thrust deep and hard, she felt the warmth of his shaft as he filled her. She started to quiver beneath him, unable to control herself and never having felt this before. Mary couldn’t hold back any longer, she needed this. The feeling of her starting to lose control drove him deeper into her, the need for him to consume her  and give her what she silently demanded propelled him, she felt exhilarated and out of control, she bucked wildly in rhythm with him. Thrusting deep into her wetness she felt him  gently massage her bud as she tried to muffle her cries. Her voice hoarse and requiring more from him, she had never been so out of control, never been so connected. She needed him to make her his, and to give her the release she craved.  In response he buried his cock over and over, filling her warm sheath, “oh Alic” she repeated. Embarrassed at her wonton behaviour, this surely is not how a lady acts, but unable to stop or control herself.
Mary started to shake wildly under him, her release was coming. He picked up his speed, he seemed to know just what to do.  Filling her over and over with his thick cock Mary moaned and cried out loudly without any control or thought of what was happening. Her breath caught as she reached her glory. Unable to hold out any longer himself,  he arched himself deep into her as he started to throb with a loud groan. Bucking hard and fast he reached his release, spilling his seed deep in her with every orgasmic thrust Mary felt his cock throb.  Collapsing on her out of breath he planted a gentle kiss on her forehead as he shutter one last time, Mary laid embraced in his arms, feeling his heart thud against her bare breast as he caught his breath. Now they were one.

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