images-5.jpegWhen do you do your best writing? For me it would seem that I am at my best at 5am. My husband is up getting ready for work, the dogs are outside and my son is fighting going back to sleep beside me in bed, but I still manage to be at my best early morning.

Maybe it’s because my mind is fresh, maybe its the lack of sleep since I stay up until midnight (no later) working or my writing, blogging, or reading? My writing is significantly better in the early morning then then mid day or evening/night, and it is curious to me.

On the plus side I got my two characters out the door on they have started their journey! This is big for me, I have been struggling getting them there, Alic had to convince Mary and then put his foot down when she protested, now she has to risk everything going to live with him, hoping no one finds out who she really is. I hope this journey builds their relationship so when Alic finds out his love for her is strong enough to forgive.