Everyone is always talking about goals and how important goals are. I agree and I disagree, it really depends on the person and what they are doing. I personally try not to get too caught up with goals, they are great and I appreciate how they can help keep me on task, but they can also bring me down when I am unable to meet them.

I have always in the past set personal goals in my life and time and time again  I get discouraged by the ones I am unable to meet. I find when I am discouraged I tend to move backwards rather then forwards. My slow progress  stops to a stand still as I wallow in frustration and self pity.

For someone like myself, I like to look at goals as a progress plan, this way if I start to run behind or am unable to meet the deadline I was hoping for, I can accept it easier and avoid the whole self sabotage/pity fiasco. My progress plan is often a vague plan of what I want and when I want it by.

For example: I want to finish my first draft of my book as soon as I can. Then I will hire an editor, then I will submit it. I hope it will become published, if not I will publish it myself. — This is an achievable progress plan that even has a back up (if it doesn’t get published I will publish it myself).

This is my way of being able to focus on what I want and allowing me to have the freedom to do it when I can without the rushing and negativity surrounding it. Writing is an art, it can be very difficult to force it onto paper (or a computer screen), it first has to grow in you and come to life in your mind before you can make it come to life on paper. Im sure some authors and writers will disagree with this, but as a part time writer I feel that this is the best way for myself and some others like me.

Remember, progress isn’t always how many words you get down, It’s what you write that matters. Quality over quantity. So if goals do not work for you, maybe try a progress plan, that way you are at least moving forward, even if its slow going sometimes. Unknown-2.jpeg