Unknown.jpegOne of the most frustrating things I think most writers face is the dreaded writers block. I struggle with this often and in my busy life I will sometimes leave my writing for a couple days or even a week or two just to come back to the same old thing.

Currently I have my characters about to go on a journey, I know they are going, and they know they are going, now I need to get  them through the night and on their way out the door. It sounds easy, and it probably is really easy to navigate them onto their journey, but I am struggling. I often wonder why it seems like my characters fight me on things I need them to do. I know I sound silly to some, and thats okay, but my reality is fiction sometimes.

I will continue to pull them through this writers block, they will come but kicking and screaming, I feel like getting them to do something can sometimes be like getting my infant son to go for a nap when he doesn’t want to.

Any good tips or advice for getting through a writers block?